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Navitron Autopilot Systems
Heading, Speed and ROT Data Interfaces
Navitron Heading Repeaters - Digital and Analogue types
Navitron Off Course Alarm - NT925OCA
Navitron Rudder Indicators - NT920RAI
Heading / Speed
Data Interfaces
Off Course Alarm
Power Steer Controls
Rudder Indicators
Navitron Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm
Navitron Steering System Interfaces - NT990ASI, NT990DSI
Navitron Step Interface Box - NT925SIB
Navitron Inclinometer - NT1000EPR
Navitron Universal Relay Box - NT920 URB
Watch Alarms & BNWAS
NMEA ($RSA) Rudder Tx
System Interfaces
Step Interface Box
Electronic Inclinometer
Universal Relay Box
NT850 Main Steering System Configurations